Claimant Adjusting

Most policyholders have limited experience of making an insurance claim and so when an incident happens they may want to appoint someone to work on their behalf to guide them through the claims process. A claimant adjuster is someone who is employed by a policyholder to provide expert claims advice and assistance.

The role of a claimant adjuster is very proactive and is perhaps best described as a claims project management role. You may be appointed in the very early stages of a claim and so be called upon to provide immediate assistance with emergency activity. The policyholder will rely on your claims experience, expert knowledge and professional skill to progress and bring their claim to a conclusion.

From the outset, a key responsibility of a claimant adjuster is to identify actions to prevent or minimise further loss to the policyholder. This is particularly important for commercial policyholders who need to maintain their customers for the future. If major customers are lost as a result of a claims incident, the impact on the business could go well beyond the boundaries of the insurance claim.

The role of a claimant adjuster also involves reviewing and providing advice on the insurance policy. This includes explaining to the policyholder what is covered, what is not covered and why. Occasionally you may need to discuss and clarify aspects of the policy cover with the policyholder’s broker or insurance company.

A claimant adjuster may also source and work with other professionals as part of the claim, for example, Chartered Surveyors. Again, the policyholder will rely on your experience to identify and involve appropriate professionals and to oversee their work.

For commercial policyholders, the involvement of a claimant adjuster role allows them to concentrate on recovery of their business, rather than resolution of their insurance claim. You will undertake the detailed and time consuming work of identifying the losses, sourcing documents, calculating figures and collating their claim.

Working as a claimant adjuster brings opportunities to build close working relationships with policyholders and delivers a great sense of achievement when claims are resolved. It is a hands on role that requires skills in communication, project management, problem solving and negotiation. Typically, a claimant adjuster will have gained some knowledge and experience by working in a loss adjusting practice before becoming a claimant adjuster. It is also common for claimant adjusters to have completed their CILA qualifications and gained Chartered Loss Adjuster status.